NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Retail Operations


The retail industry is subject to a number of pressures. These include changes in shopping habits and the recent economic downturn which reduced consumer spending. However, as consumer confidence begins to grow, it is important that retail support staff are fully trained and equipped to represent your business and to meet the needs of your customers. As removing staff from the ‘shop floor’ applies pressure to rotas, this training can be carried out in the learner’s own time via our tried and tested flexible learning approach.

What will you learn
  • 1.

    Achieve a nationally recognised Level 2 qualification

  • 2.

    Evidence your competency to employers

  • 3.

    Improve your handling of customer payments

  • 4.

    Improve how you deal with customer queries and complaints

  • 5.

    Further your personal and professional development

  • 6.

    Learn at a time that suits you without the need to attend college

Duration: 4 Weeks

Course Units

In this unit the learner will consider the effect of customer service on a retail business, including customer needs, customer service procedures and dealing with customer complaints.

In this unit the learner will develop an understanding of the selling model and how sales are closed. They will also consider the benefits of product knowledge and using questions to identify customer needs.

In this unit the learner will consider various aspects involved in the effectiveness of a retail business including understanding employment rights and responsibilities, understanding the importance of effective team work and communications skills and reflecting on personal performance.

In this unit the learner will consider health and safety in a retail environment, including legislation, understanding what actions to take in an emergency, understanding rights and responsibilities and general safe working practices.

In this unit the learner will consider consumer legislation including protection against unfair trading practices, consumer credit legislation, data protection and age - restricted products. They will also learn about the consequences for businesses and employees of contravening retail law.

In this unit the learner will develop an understanding of how to resolve queries and complaints in a retail environment and how this contributes to customer loyalty and confidence.