Certificate in Lean Organisation Management Techniques


A lean organisation provides the greatest customer value with the fewest resources, a philosophy increasingly important in today’s competitive business market. A sound understanding of the concept and benefits of a lean environment, as well as knowledge of business techniques and working in teams, is essential. Our nationally recognised qualification is designed to provide individuals with an appreciation and understanding of some key principles of lean organisation management.

What will you learn
  • 1.

    Achieve a nationally recognised Level 2 qualification

  • 2.

    Evidence your competency to employers

  • 3.

    Further your personal and professional development

  • 4.

    Learn at a time that suits you without the need to attend college

  • 5.

    Improve your efficiency

  • 6.

    Help reduce materials and resource costs

Duration: 12 months

Course Units

In this unit learners will gain an understanding of the concept of a lean environment, be able to implement a productivity needs analysis and produce a process map.

In this unit learners will learn about continuous improvement techniques (Kaizen) and the principles and techniques of workplace organisation. They will also be able to use visual indicators to improve the work environment and suggest ways to eliminate variance from processes in the workplace.

In this unit learners will develop an understanding of what makes an effective team and will work effectively in a team. They will also look at what makes an effective team leader.